My week off

Yesterday was really my first day of vacation. I’m always off on the weekend, so Saturday and Sunday don’t really count as vacation days.

Saturday was a relaxing day. I met with the lady who will board Blondie and Hera. We walked around a new dog park (we will return, possibly today) and had a great nap in the afternoon. It is nice that dogs like napping, likely more than I do.

Sunday was my baseball teams year end party. The paintball was good, I didn’t play. I could have, but I decided to sit out. I actually read for an hour or so which is a luxury I don’t normally get. After paintball, we had a BBQ, great food. I was given two gift cards from the team, $50 at Boston Pizza, one of my favourite places to eat and $15 at Tim Hortons. I think I’ll save the Tim’s card until my trip to Ontario. The BP card likely won’t last that long.

Yesterday was the opening ceremonies for the Babe Ruth Regional tournament. It was quick, which is nice. Weather was great and should be all week. I had a tough job, handing out ice cream bars.  I am score keeping for the rest of the week and will see some great baseball.

Hera is settling in quite well. She and Blondie are going to be best friends, I’m sure of that. Right now, Hera is bugging Blondie a bit much, but that is a puppy thing to do. It is a sort of revenge for the way that Blomdie tormented Zeus when she joined the family. I am sure, years from now, that a new puppy will torment Hera and the cycle will continue. I don’t see my life without a dog and more than likely two dogs. I prefer two, they can play with each other and leave me out of it occasionally.

Well, I am off to do something productive before I head to baseball around noon. Enjoy your week 🙂

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