Such a good puppy

I met with a lady who does home boarding for dogs. We met at a local dog park that I had not visited before, I didn’t know it existed actually. Calgary had a lot of dog parks, quite a great city for that, for sure.

So, we met at 10am, I needs to get Blondie and Hera to meet her dog, a little chihuahua, a cute little guy (or girl). Her rates are excellent, $45 per day for the pair. They have a large three level backyard and take the dogs to the dog park every other day. For home care, I’m going for it, it is a better environment than a kennel. The kennel that I had previously taken Zeus and Blondie to was excellent, but, it is a kennel. They are in a cage for most of the day, that can’t be a lot of fun.

The dogs met some new dog friends. Blondie, of course, loves most other dogs and Hera was good with everyone as well. 

We headed home, both dogs were a bit tired. I had to umpire at 1pm, there was, for some reason a shortage of available umpires this weekend. I thought, although I’ve only had Hera a few days, she hasn’t tried to chew on anything that doesn’t belong to her so when I left, I gave her run of the house. I was figuring, if she wrecked something, the experiment failed.

I was out for four hours and when I got home, no disagree, nothing. I was very happy with her and drenched her  with praise. Such a good puppy. Blondie was good as well, of course, but I expected that. 

We had a short nap and then went and watched part of a ball game. Both dogs are pretty tried. I’ve heard, a tired dog is a happy dog.

Tomorrow is our team party. I don’t think I’m going to partake in paintball. I think I’ll help the coach who’s hosting the bbq setup. Yeah, that’s a good excuse.

I’m off this week and am looking forward to it. Have a great week as well.


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