Blondie and Hera

Hera has been with us for a little over 12 hours now.  I must admit, she is a pretty good puppy.

Blondie has, more or less, made her feel welcome.  There was the initial surprise when I opened the door and a dog wanted to come in of course, I think that is natural.  They wrestled a bit, likely looking for dominance.  Blondie seems to have won that battle which is good.

Blondie also doesn’t particularly care to share her toys and bones. She didn’t really like sharing with Zeus either but she is tolerating it.  Right now, Hera is chomping away at one of the Nylar bones and although there are at least three others in visible range, Blondie wants this one…  Sigh…

Last night was good.  The rain let up enough for the three of us to go for a walk. For the last few weeks I had been making Blondie heel on walks which she does very well – not sure where she learned that, I did some training when I first got her, but that was over 4 years ago now.

Blondie wasn’t heeling, mind you, I wasn’t making her either.  Hera on the other hand didn’t pull at all which is nice.  She is a big bog now and is going to be a huge dog and pulling could be an issue. Hera did try to wrap the leash around me a few times by trying to go around the wrong way but I will get her out of that habit.

We went to bed around 10:30 and all three of us were able to share a double bed pretty easily. Blondie immediately went to the top of the bed, I don’t think she wanted to be pushed down like she was when we had a nap earlier in the day.  Hera settled in around my legs and decided that my calf would make a good pillow.  OK, whatever.  Who am I to say no?  Yes, my dogs are pretty well spoiled, what the heck.

Hera did wake me up around 1am.  Not sure what she might have heard, it was short lived.  I might get up early, not that early.  We did get up at 3am for a pee break.  That’s OK.  I dozed on and off until nearly 5am when we got up.  No walk this morning since it is pouring rain – again.  It isn’t supposed to rain in July, didn’t the weather man read that report?

If there is baseball on tonight (Babe Ruth playoffs) we will drop by the park.  If not, we will do something else – maybe just go for a ride in the truck.  The two haven’t been for a ride together as yet.  Saturday, the three of us are meeting with a lady who boards dogs in her home when their owners are away.  She had pretty good rates and the reviews are top notch.  We are meeting at a dog park, need to make sure my dogs like her dog.  I am sure they will – Blondie likes every other dog she’s ever encountered and Hera is a pup and they like everyone by default.  If it works out, it will save me some money.  I don’t want Hera to be free in the dog park as yet since she still needs a rabies shot and kennel cough shot as well.  Vet appointment for next week when I am off and it is covered by the Humane Society, which is nice.  I haven’t decided if I am going to the vet I have used since coming to Alberta or a new vet closer to home – I am leaning towards the new vet.

Sunday will be Hera’s first time in the house without me – we have our team party for baseball.  I am planning on putting her in the kitched (galley style) and using part of Blondie’s cage to barricade the open end – should work.

So, first day was a success I would say.  Blondie and I (I will speak for Blondie) are happy to have Hera as part of the family.

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