Baseball and my new Addition

Tonight we had our coaches meeting for the 2015 season wrap-up.  Believe it or not, all seven coaches were in attendance.  Good meeting, good food, good company as well.  They are a good bunch of guys.

We discussed strengths and weaknesses of players who are likely returning next year. We are losing a LOT of AAA players due to ageing out – 19 is the maximum age. Our of 14 players on the roster, 8 are gone – 7 age out and one player is moving away.  That leaves us with 6 which means we have at least 6 spot open for AA players to move up or for players to be signed to the AAA team next spring directly.

In looking at the AA players, we have three who are immediately ready.  The math doesn’t add up…  We might be able to draft one player who can move directly to AAA, two on an outside change, three?  Never.  So, that means we will likely have to move at least 2 players to AAA from the AA club who really aren’t ready.  The AAA experience next year will be interesting – I think they are going to struggle, they will be a fairly young and inexperienced team.

We draft very well next year.  Since we finished last this season, we draft first.  We also have the Indians first, second and third round picks and they finished in the middle of the pack, 3rd, so we should have the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, 13th in the first 3 rounds – pretty damn good.

5 of 7 coaches will return.  Our senior coach is retiring.  Our AAA Manager does not know where he will be going to school.  We have at least three players who are ageing out that want to coach – that’s excellent. Next year will be a rebuild, after that, anything can happen.

Just before the meeting started tonight (7pm), I received a call from the Humane Society.  Hera was spayed today and is doing well and is ready to come home.  So, tomorrow, I am a dog Dad to a 50 pound, 6 month old German Sheppard.  I am excited.

Off next week – looking forward to it.  Have a good rest of the week.

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