A busy week ahead

Well, baseball is over – for now, but this is a busy week.

Tonight, presuming it stops raining, I will be going to the Stampeders game with one of the guys that I coached ball with this summer.  I love football but I don’t like getting wet while watching it.  I don’t mind cold and windy, but wet is awful.  It can even be blizzardy and that it fine with me as well.  So, we will see how the weather is, closer to 5pm.

Tomorrow, is the MLB All-Star game and I am renewing a tradition with a former co-worker of mine, we are going to watch the game and catch up at Boston Pizza.  The bonus, it is Tuesday and Boston Pizza has Pasta Tuesday on Tuesday so that is awesome.

Wednesday, I have a coaches meeting with the coaches that were part of the 2015 Rockies.  Again, this is at Boston Pizza.  Hey, it is good food and it is fairly inexpensive.  We need to discuss the 2015 season and what to look forward to with the Rockies in 2016, and beyond.

I will get Hera either Thursday or Friday – not sure as yet.  I have not received a call about when she will be spayed as yet.  I am looking forward to having her join my family and I am sure Blondie is as well.

Nothing planned for the later part of the week.  I will be getting Hera used to her new home and new dog-sister.  A trip to one of the dog parks will be in order – no water though, she will need to be kept dry.  Hopefully her recovery will be quick.

Sunday, is the Rockies year end party.  Paintball followed by a BBQ.  Should be a blast.  At this point, I have not decided if I am participating in paintball or if I want to stay alive.  I guess I have until Sunday to decide.

I am off next week and Babe Ruth Calgary is hosting a week long baseball tournament. I have not helped out with a tournament in 10 years, since I was involved with St. Catharines Minor Baseball.  I am sure it will be a blast.  Will be a good week off, for sure.

Enjoy yours.  🙂

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