A new addition

The Calgary Humane Society had an emergency adoption event this past week. They had a large number of cats that needed homes, they also had a lot of rabbits. I think they did some sort of seizure somewhere in the city.

There weren’t a lot of dogs, some of the dog kennels had cats in them. Most of the dogs had “adoption hold”  signs on their kennels as well.

There were a few that did not. One male dog was only supposed to go to a home with no other pets and no young children. Some of the others just didn’t appeal.

I didn’t actually go with the intention of adopting a dog. I planned on making a donation of a bag of senior formula Iams, it was Zeus’.

In one of the kennels, there was a picture of a dog who was currently in foster care. I asked if she was at the shelter and was told she would be at 1pm. OK, I figured I’d come back to take a look at her.

The lines were long. A good problem for the Humane Society, a lot of animals were being adopted in, hopefully, forever homes.

I stood in line for about an hour and then saw one of the adoption coordinators. We talked about her history and what the foster home had said about her. She is on medication to prevent seizures, it has been doing a very good job. She hasn’t had a seizure since being on the meds. They aren’t expensive either, works out to about $15 per month, so not too bad. This may why she hasn’t been adopted as yet, some people get scared off with such issues.

So, I decided I would put a hold on her and made an appointment for this morning for Blondie to meet her. I wasn’t too worried, Blondie loves everyone and since Hera is a puppy, I figured she’d be open to another dog.

Blondie and I went off for our 930am appointment. The dogs met and it went well. At first, Hera tried to claim “ownership” of the pool in the yard but Blondie wanted none of that and took it for herself. She seemed to put Hera in her place and Hera submitted. After a few minutes, Blondie shared the pool and they had a great time splashing around.

I filled in all the required paperwork and the person helping thought I’d be mad because I couldn’t take Hera home today. I knew she hadn’t been spayed yet so I figured it would be a few days at least.

So, Blondie will soon have a little sister. Pick up is expected this coming Friday, July 17.

Welcome to the D’Arcy Clan, Hera.


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