Baseball, puppies and a day off…

Tonight is an important night in the world of Babe Ruth Rockies baseball.

The AA’s face elimination against the Dodgers in a rematch of last years play-in game. This year, the Rockies finished a distant 5th and will be visiting the 4th place Dodgers. I really don’t care about home versus away. Actually, the visitors dugout is facing east so the sun won’t be blazing down on us. That could be an advantage right there.

We had a practice last night which was well attended. Two of the AA players were called up to AAA to help out, one player is trying out for Team Alberta volleyball which left us with 12 players on the field. It was a good practice – I am hoping it turns into a good result this evening.

The AAA’s played their second last regular season game last night.  I was not there, tough to be in two places at one time. I don’t know how the game went, the final was 10-0.  Meanwhile. the 4th place AAA team, the Angels, beat the Indians which puts them ahead of us in the standings.  We play the Angels tonight – twice.  Well, we finish off a game from last week, tied in the 8th inning.  We then play them again.  If we lose one of them, I think we are done.

I sent an email to both teams yesterday about a year-end party.  The date that I selected was not a good day for a lot of people – so, we’ve moved it to July 19.  Neither team is playing so hopefully it will work.

On a non-baseball front, the Calgary Humane Society is holding an emergency adoption event through the end of the weekend – the shelter is full.  Blondie might be getting a brother or sister.  Not sure, naturally.  There are some nice dogs available.  I guess I will see. I am sure I will go and look. If someone catches my eye, I will need to introduce Blondie to him/her and go from there.  Blondie loves everybody so it will depend on how this other dog takes to Blondie.

I am off today. We have a flex program at work where you work extra every day and then get every other Friday off. Not bad at all. It runs over the summer when it is typically a bit slower. I need to cut the grass, see the doctor and go to the dog park with Blondie. Sounds like a good day to me. I will cap it off with a playoff baseball game.

Wish both of my teams some luck, would ya? We need it.  Happy Friday.

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