That’ll be fun…

I am in the process of planning my baseball teams year end party.  The players have decided that paintball would be fun.  Sure.

I’ve played paintball with a baseball team before.  It was fun.  Sort of.  It also hurts getting hit by paintballs, especially at point blank range, especially on the neck.

So, on Saturday, August 8, we are going to Bragg Creek Paintball for an afternoon of fun. It isn’t badly priced, for sure – way cheaper than it was 10 years ago when I last organized a paintball party. It is $30 per player which includes everything they need – paintball gun, 200 paintballs, mask and coveralls.

I doubt that I am going to participate. I don’t trust my players quite enough to give them a loaded weapon and then let them shoot me. I am afraid that even players on my team might turn against me.  That all might not be true, I might just be paranoid.  I am not sure. I would prefer not to find out.

I will stay outside and guard their stuff. Yes, I can do that.

After paintball, we are having a BBQ at one of the coaches houses.  Pot luck style. The coaches will provide the meat and what not, parents can provide “other stuff”.  Should be a good afternoon.

Hopefully, one or both teams will also be celebrating a league championship. That seems far off but anything can happen in playoffs.

Regardless of how the season ends on the field, it will be a good end with this party.

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