It’s all in, Friday night…

The regular season for my AA Rockies ended last night. Ended on a bit of a stinker. The game started well enough, as many do. Lack of defence was the biggest issue last evening. I am not quite sure what the final score was, 19-6, I think. I had honestly thought that our days of being mercies in 4.5 innings were behind us, apparently not.

Anyway, it was against the league leading Giants. We now face elimination or playoffs Friday evening. At the moment, it looks like we are playing the Dodgers to determine who moves onto the playoffs. This would be a rematch of last years AA elimination game. This year, however, we are the visiting team, finishing in 5th place. Last year, the 5th place team won the championship, so, anything is possible.

We have a batting practice tonight and a regular practice tomorrow evening. Friday is a do or die situation. The team has the ability to defeat any team in the league, we’ve beaten everyone out there so it can be done. My top two pitchers are available and I hope they’ll be on their game.

Should we win, we will face the Giants, again, in a playoff double header on Sunday. Lose and we are out, season is over.

The AAA Rockies are also facing elimination on Friday night. It is too bad that I can’t be in two places at once. They have a continuation of a protested game Friday against the Angels then their last regular season game against them again. Should they win the continuation game and the last regular game, they make the playoffs and the Angels are out. Lose one and there will likely be a sudden death game Saturday to determine who moves on. Lose both and the AAA’s are out. Our destiny is in our hands at any rate.

Regardless of outcome, we will be having a year end party. We’ve planned on paintball and then a bbq with both teams. We’ve decided on a date in August, the 8th, which is my birthday. Should be fun, turning 44 and doing paintball with a bunch of blood thirsty baseball players. On second thought, I think I’ll just watch them fire paint at easy other from the parking lot. Yeah, that’ll be safer.

Good luck to both teams – lets get some W’s on Friday !!!

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