Back to work…

My five days of time off are now over.  I started working this morning at 4am.  Fairly early, to be sure.  I was actually waken by my alarm on my cell.

It was a good 5 days off.

Yesterday, I finished up stuff around the house.  I still did not mow the lawn, didn’t weed whack either.  I need to do that.  My plan is to to it this afternoon.  It is not supposed to be hot and I am done work at 2pm today.  I also have no baseball today so I will have time.  Whether or not I will have the “get up and go” is another question entirely.

I am still officially couchless in the house.  My friend offered me one of his couches from his place.  He recently purchased a house and the former owners left some couches and what not in the basement.  It was a couch bed and was narrow enough that it would fit through my unusually narrow 31″ door.

We lugged it up the stairs at his place, into his truck and to my place – no issues.

It fit through the back door, didn’t have to take the door off.  It fit down the stairwell, well, it caught on something and ripped a bit, not a huge issue, I was going to get a couch cover for it anyway.

It fit through my unusually narrow door opening.  Awesome.  Almost there.

Where it wouldn’t fit was around the corner from my hallway into the living room.  We needed to stand it on its end to turn it.  The couch was 7’6″ and the ceiling?  Well, only 7′.  Dang…  So, back up the stairs and out the door.  That was harder than down the stairs, let me tell you.

We didn’t particularly feel like walking it up the stairs to the upper back yard and to the garbage area so it is currently sitting in my lower back yard.  I put it up on Kijiji, free to a good home.  I doubt anyone will actually take it, even though it is free.  It does have a few rips (new) a few rips (old) and it badly needs to be cleaned which you can only really notice in good light – like outside.

So, if it is still around on Thursday, out to the trash it will go.  That will be fun.

I am going to buy a “leather like” sofa bed (futon, I guess) that I found at Walmart.  They will deliver it for free. It will work nicely.  I have no real time frame for this either – I am OK with the chaise that I am currently using.  If I ever want to have anyone over for dinner though, I really do need a couch so people can sit.  It is on my radar though.  After this disappointment, I need time to adjust.  🙂

This is the final week of the regular season of baseball. Both teams have absolute must win games this Friday.  The AA’s are in a play-in game – the 5th place team versus the 4th place team to determine who goes onto the playoffs.  The AAA team plays the 5th place Angels to determine 4th place and the final spot in the playoffs.  Best of luck to both teams – it is too early to end the season.

I am planning a year end party.  We are going to go paintballing, both teams and then one of the coaches has offered his house for a BBQ.  That will be a good time.

Well, enjoy your week and if in the Calgary area, Happy Stampede !!!

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