A pretty good Saturday…

There was no baseball today, tomorrow either. It is nice having a weekend off for a change.

Got up early and did some more organizing around the house. I’ve gotten rid of stuff that remained unpacked since I moved in here, 18 months ago (or so). I finally setup my new desk with the help of a co-worker and if all goes well, I will get a couch tomorrow from another co-worker. My office is now set, which is good. I mean it was before but the desk was too small. Now I have a large L-shaped desk and a lot more room. My multi function printer is no longer sitting on top of the box it came in… My monitors are crammed in together either.

My old desk is now where my dining room table used to be. I don’t have a dining room, the living area and kitchen are pretty well open concept so the table has now been moved. Since I am in a basement suite, there is a support pillar right near the kitchen area, sort of in the way. It looks a lot better anyway.

My bike can now be in the hall between the living room and office and isn’t in the way. 

Tomorrow, I rearrange the bedroom, just changing the orientation of the bed so the head is against the window. Blondie doesn’t seem to like it when I am changing things around, I think she thought we were moving…

I dropped by Chinook Centre today, thought maybe a hat that I ordered online and had delivered to the store would be in, nope, not yet. So, I joined the Lids club and bought two new hats, buy one, second at 50% off. I don’t need a new hat (or two) but what the heck. Better than buying drugs… 🙂 The club card gets me a discount I everything. Not bad.

I also stopped by the western store and picked up a great shirt for next week when I’m heading into the office for the partner cooked Stampede breakfast. Had a 15% discount from work from there as well.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and finishing up around the house.

We got hit with a quick thunder storm and hail. No damage which is good but the ground was covered.

So, nothing going tomorrow either which will be nice. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂

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