A few days off…

As I have written (I’m sure), I’m in the middle of five days off. Well, now it is past the middle. Wednesday was Canada Day, hope everyone had a good holiday. Thursday, I took one of two flex days we have at work. Today was Stampede Day so the office was closed.

Last night, my AA Rockies played the Indians. We didn’t play well. The Indians actually threw a no hitter against us. We ended up losing 13-1. We scored our lone run on a walk, steal of second and then a back pick play we got home. I don’t think we saw any other base runners at third.

Today was a pretty relaxing day. Nothing much going on, sort of the way I like it.

Nothing planned for the weekend, I’m sure something will crop up though.

We have one game left in the regular season, Tuesday night. We have a batting practice Wednesday and a full practice Thursday. Friday night is a play-in game to determine who goes on to playoffs and who goes home. It will all come down to which team shows up at the diamond, I hope it is the “good team”. If not, it has been a fun season regardless. 

The AAA’s playoffs hinge on their final game of the season against the Angels. A win and they are in the playoffs, a loss and they’ll be done too. Sort of interesting that both seasons will be determined on the same evening.

Good luck to both teams and if readers have a moment, wish us some luck as well.

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