Baseball, work and Ontario…

I started working out at GoodLife Fitness.  We have a Corporate deal through work, it comes to $48 per month which is pretty darn good. We have access to all of the GoodLife Fitness locations in Canada as well.

I went in last Friday for my sign-up and orientation.  I chose a club relatively near my place, about a 5 minute drive, depending on traffic.  Once I get into a bit better shape, I can easily ride my bike there and back. The hours are pretty accommodating, they are open 24/4 (Monday early morning until Friday night at 8pm) and then open 12 hours over the weekends. Since I get off work at 3pm, I am thinking that is going to be a good time to go. It isn’t overly packed, have not had to wait for any equipment as yet, we will see.

They have a lot of equipment, a large facility and lots of classes scheduled all the time. One nice feature is the massage chairs that they have in a lounge area, that is pretty well worth the monthly membership right there.

My new doctor wants me to lose weight and start to eat better. I guess at my age, I should listen to him. I don’t want issues later on in life. He sent me for all of the regular blood tests a few weeks back – cholesterol was a bit high, can be brought down with a regular diet, same with blood sugar. I also went for a stress test. It went well, I was a little tired afterwards. Results came back OK, no worries on me starting to work out, so that was great.

I am going to make it a 5-6 day thing. I will do cardio daily, stationary bike and elliptical and alternate weights – one day on upper body, the next on lower body. I have no interest in getting huge, just want to tone a bit, lose some weight and be healthy – good goals, I would think.  I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor in December and I plan on showing some results.

On the baseball front – the season is just about over, even though it is early July.  We have played 21 games at this point, not a great record but it has been a pretty good season. We have a game tonight and the season wrap-up on Tuesday. One game doesn’t look like it’ll be made-up. Doesn’t mean anything to the standings anyway. We have a one game play-down to determine who gets into the play-offs on Friday the 10th – it is a do or die game, the winner proceeds to the play-offs, the loser is out. We don’t know who our opponent will be as yet – either the Indians or Giants. We play both of those teams in our last two games.  Should be exciting.

We finish in July so that families can take the month of August for vacation time. It seems to work pretty well. Everything will be wrapped up by the middle of July for the AA’s and the end of the month for the AAA’s.  The AAA’s have to win the last few games to get the last play-off spot. It might all come down to the last regular season game against the Angels.  I wish both teams the best of luck.

The 2015 season was interesting, to say the least.  We had a few controversies on both teams but all in all, it was pretty good. I am looking forward to play-offs, Fall ball and another season of baseball next year. I have also decided I am done umpiring for CABUA. I might umpire the odd game for Baseball Alberta, not sure though, I don’t have a lot of free time.

I am off work until Monday, a total of 5 days off. Wednesday was Canada Day, of course (Happy Canada Day to everyone, even if it is a day late) and Friday is Stampede Day in Calgary so the office is closed.  I am taking today off as a personal day – we get two per year. I am enjoying the time off.  Juyl and August tend to be a litter slower at work, hopefully that will ring true.  We have hired a bunch of new staff recently though so hopefully that will also help with the load of work.

It will be September in no time and my trip to Ontario will be here.  Looking forward to the visit.

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