A reply, from the umpires?

Wow.  I almost fell over, but I actually got a reply from the umpires association.  I was surprised, to say the least.  I was not surprised that they took the side of the umpire in question except for the ejection, had it been valid, I still would have been able to coach the second game because we are not subject to suspension.

Anywhere, here is the reply (I have corrected spelling and grammar errors and removed named, except my own – I also like how he thinks my name is Darcy, I cover that in my reply to him, which will be my last email to the Umpire Association):

Good morning Darcy.

Since I receive many ejection reports from multiple leagues over the course of the season they all start to run together so I’m attempting to go by memory. But if I’m not mistaken this is the second ejection that you have been associated with in where you felt the need to send out a response. Basically that just turns into a he said she said. The proper channels for managers/coaches is to correspond directly with BABE RUTH and the umpires send me their reports directly to me.  CABUA and Babe Ruth then try to have cooler heads attempt to sort things out. Proper channels should be followed. I am at a loss however to understand why you felt the need to cc several people when this should have been sent to BABE RUTH and in my opinion things should be kept in house. Usually I wouldn’t respond directly but since you took the time out to include me in this,  I’ll give you my take on things.

1) As I would have expected there is a time discrepancy in the two reports in regard how much time elapsed between the end of the game and an attempt to agree upon a starting time for the following game. The truth probably lies some where in the middle. Bottom line is that the plate umpire from the first game decides the starting time of the second game. Common sense and co-operation usually come into play, apparently in this incident that wasn’t the case, probably by both parties. Although I have no hard and fast evidence, it’s my personal opinion is that you and the UMPIREhave “some sort of history” and wound up calling each other “fucking idiots” and things escalated from there. Again; you probably both are equally at fault. Hey, but I wasn’t there.

2) The rule book doesn’t specifically layout how much time is required between double headers but here are my “general guidelines”. How much time does it take to obtain new baseballs, get the base umpire into his plate gear, how long does it take grounds keepers to do any between game work and can starting pitchers have enough time to warm up between games? This generally takes 1/2 hour give or take 5 minutes. Umpires can usually change gear and managers usually have time to fill out line ups. Having a “BBQ lunch” or having lunch has zero bearing. If the players feel the need to grab something to eat and can do so in the allotted time, great, but this plays absolutely no part in deciding the starting time of the second game, unless specifically brought to the attention of the assigner and provisions were made prior to assigning the games to let the umpires know in advance that special time guidelines would be used. You can eat prior to the game or after but there’s no tea time in baseball.

I would also like to add that umpires, especially plate umpires, do not have the luxury of seeking shade or sitting down between innings when the weather is 30c+. I did a men’s double header yesterday and my main objectives was to get the games done as quickly as possible while still doing it professionally. Time between innings can easily add 15-20 minutes to a game. In my situation we went to extra innings during the first game and due to heat etc. we agreed upon a 40 minute time frame. But usually 30 minutes.

3) Ejections between games are valid and are subject to the provisions set out between CABUA and Babe Ruth. We specifically covered this at the pre-season coaches meeting. It was agreed upon that Babe Ruth would use my suggestion that any coach that was ejected during a game would not have to serve a one game suspension but any post game ejections would be dealt with by Babe Ruth on a case by case basis to insure that umpires were not subjected to a barrage of verbal abuse leaving the field because players, coaches or fans felt that just because the game was over they had a free shot to get in anything that they felt like. That being said; Dave came into the picture later in the season and probably wasn’t aware of the guideline of not having to serve a game suspension. Thus he felt that any ejection between games would be served at the following game. Its my opinion that if I had an ejection between games, I would fill out a report to alert BABE RUTH of what transpired and since the line up cards were not handed in to the plate umpire for the second game, that manager would be allowed to be on the field for the second game and any suspensions due to the first transgression would be handled by BABE RUTH. So I’m in agreement that you should have been in attendance for the second game.

4)  Again I’m going from memory but if I’m not mistaken this the second time you’ve made mention of how the Rockies are always getting “questionable or obvious calls going against the Rockies.”

Really; you’re going to use the “umpires don’t like us ” conspiracy?  Yeah; ….like I get up in the morning and say to myself” Hmmn, I have the Rockies tonight, now how can I screw them over?”  Your credibility comes into question after that one.

Moving forward please have all responses go through BABE RUTH.

So, some of that was dripping with sarcasm, mainly the last two paragraphs.  I can live with that, I have been known to use sarcasm from time to time.  Although he asked for all responses to go through BABE RUTH, I rarely listen and replied directly to him. I consider the case closed now, the Umpires Association is not going to do anything, I am sure. They likely won’t even speak to the umpire in question…  Babe Ruth considers it closed.  I don’t know, don’t really care, if my ejection stands or not.  I am sure a report was filed, if so, I have not yet received a copy of it, Babe Ruth may not have received a copy of it either.  Oh well.  Here is my reply:

Thank you for your reply, I didn’t actually think I would get one, it is appreciated.  For the record, my name is Kevin, last name is D’Arcy.  🙂

Yes, the UMPIRE and I do have some history – until recently, I would have considered him a friend.
I copied BABE RUTH on the email – when I asked BRP how I should handle it, he said I could either email him and BRTD or email CABUA directly, I chose to email CABUA directly.  The other CC’s on the email were the Rockies coaches so that they were aware that I had sent an email.  I also later sent the email to the Rockies parents so that they were aware as well, there were some pretty pissed off parents.
I understand that eating a BBQ lunch isn’t taken into consideration.  The issue that I had was that the UMPIRE wanted to start the game in 13 minutes which is not enough time to get the second pitcher ready, never mind a line-up.  I also understand about umpires between games, I am an umpire myself.
I would agree that an umpire from the first game could eject me from the game after the game, but an umpire for the second game would not have that authority.  Also, if I was ejected after the first game, I would indeed be able to manage the second game.
I don’t think I’ve made reference to the Rockies being unfairly treated, I also don’t believe that I have disputed my previous ejection – he was well within his rights to eject me.  In this case, it was obvious to everyone involved that the UMPIRE was using his feeling towards my conduct again our players.  If you don’t believe that happened then perhaps you might want to pull off whatever blinders you might be wearing.
In general, I have been very happy with the quality of the umpires CABUA provides and in most cases, it is better umpiring than what I saw in Ontario.  There is the odd case when an umpire is having a bad day or is, perhaps, umpiring over their head.
Thanks again for the reply.  I do appreciate it.  Perhaps I will see you at a Rockies game in the future.  Take care.

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