Ejected from what, exactly?

Saturday was double-header day for the AA Rockies. We faced the Giants again and played 5 great innings and trailed after 5 complete by a score of 10-8, not too bad at all.

Then, the sixth inning occurred and we gave up 11 runs. The game finished 21-8, perhaps it was 21-9, one run doesn’t matter in this case.

The game finished late as the preceding game also finished late.  We had a BBQ between games that we graciously offered the visiting Edmonton team to join in – they accepted, last week and did bring beverages and then, come BBQ time, the coaches did want their players to eat before the game.  Well, perhaps if that was the case, you could have declined so that we didn’t purchase and cook enough food for 2 teams plus all the parents.  Thanks.  Seems like a stereo-typical thing that someone from Edmonton might do – it was pretty damn ignorant, if you ask me.

As we were just starting the BBQ, the umpire for the next game approached me and told me the game would start at 4pm, as scheduled.  It was 3:47 when he said this – I told him we would not have time to eat and be ready to play for 4.  He again said it would start at 4. The conversation escalated until he threatened to eject me.  Eject me from what, I asked, there is no game happening at the moment.

Now, for those of you who are not overly familiar with baseball, the umpire does not take charge until line-up cards are presented. He “ejected” me 6 or 8 minutes after the conclusion of the previous game, which I will add that he WAS NOT involved with.

At approximately 4:20pm, both umpires came to the diamond. Again, I was told to leave as I had been ejected.  Again, I asked ejected from what?  I also commented that the umpire was out of uniform, he was wearing a red hat – he left to put on a proper hat.

Ground rules came, I went to the plate and was told to leave.  I refused, he called a forfeit.  Fine with me.  One of the Edmonton coaches had already told me that I could umpire and use a parent on the bases.  The game meant nothing to us, we will finish no higher than 4th place and the Edmonton team is not eligible for playoffs.  The other coach though refused to play a game unless “real” umpires were involved.  Well, I can umpire circles around the umpire that was being an ass-hat.  However…

I spoke with my team and asked them what they wanted me to do. I could either leave and they could play a “fun” game since we already forfeited or I could stay and we likely couldn’t play a game.  They chose, 8-5 that I leave – no hard feelings and some didn’t seem to want to vote, I told them not to worry.  I would go home, take a nice cool shower and relax.

So, I left, the umpires returned and the game went on.  Before I left, I asked my team to at least win since I was leaving for them.  They said they would, they lied. We lost, 16-4 in 5 innings.  Not our best outing, for sure.

This morning, I filed the following report to the Umpires Association, CABUA – I sent it to the President and VP.  I don’t expect a reply:

Good morning,

Yesterday, the AA Rockies had a double-header at Glenmore Park, 1PM and 4PM.  The first game was late finishing and we ended up starting game 1, 20 minutes late, 1:20PM.  That game proceeded without incident, the two umpires did a good job of officiating the game.   The UMPIRE was NOT one of the umpires involved in game 1.
After the game finished,  the UMPIRE approached me outside of the diamond and told me we would be starting at 4PM as scheduled – it was 3:47PM.  I told him we could not be ready that quickly, we needed more time.  The boys had just started eating a BBQ lunch.  He said he didn’t care, we were starting on time.  I again said we would not be ready – I was told to be ready.
The situation escalated a bit and some yelling between the UMPIRE and I occurred. He warned me that if I continued, I would be ejected – I asked ejected from what?  There is no game at the moment.  A few seconds later, he ejected me, from what, I am not sure.
I proceeded to eat lunch and make a line-up for the next game.
At 4:20PM, the umpires appeared on the field, the UMPIRE was out of uniform, wearing a red Okotoks Dawgs hat.  He told me to leave the field as I had been ejected, I told him, again, that I can’t be ejected from nothing.  I would quote MLB Rules, 4.01(d) (Starting and Ending a Game) and 9.01(d) (The Umpire).  I told  that he was out of uniform – he left the field to get a proper hat.
When he returned, I proceeded to the plate for ground rules. I was again told to leave the field as I had been ejected – I again asked ejected from what – no answer from the umpire. The UMPIRE  then warned that if I did not leave, he would call a forfeit.  I told him to go ahead – he did, both umpires left the field.   The UMPIRE proceeded to argue with several of the Rockies parents as he left the park.
I had previously spoken to the Manager of the opposing team and told him I would umpire so we could play a “fun” game since this one did not really matter in the standings.  Although the one coach agreed to that, the second coach did not and would not play any game without “real” umpires.
After some discussion with my team, I decided to leave the park so that the forfeited game could proceed with both umpires, which it did.  The umpires had mentioned to the opposing team that they would return, should I leave.
I am writing this email to you today so that you are aware of some of the issues that occur during the season that should not happen.  My ejection should not stand, I should have been able to coach that game.  Although this is second hand information, I was told by the coaching staff and several parents that the umpiring in the game was questionable with obvious calls going against the Rockies.  Frankly, that does not surprise me.
Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Thank you for your time.
NOTE – I have replaced the umpire’s name with the UMPIRE in this post as to not embarrass him for his arrogance, lack of knowledge of baseball rules and, in general, for being a complete ASS HAT.  Up until yesterday, I would have considered him a friend – apparently, he is not.  Comments from others about him have proven to be true.  I previously thought that an ex-umpire from the Niagara Region was the worst I have ever seen, that, it seems, has been proven wrong.  Oh well, no loss here – hopefully we will NOT meet again.
If I do happen to receive a reply from CABUA – A) I will be shocked and will likely fall over and B) I will post it here, again, with names removed.  To my faithful readers, don’t hold your breath…

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