Last night, the AA Rockies played one of the best games of the season, over 7 innings. We held a lead for part of the game and then fell behind 6-5. In the bottom of the 7th, we scored on a stand up double to tie it up. We nearly won it on the next play – a drive to left field that if it had been a few inches higher, the ball would have sailed into deep left field and the runner on second would have easily scored.  It is, often, a game of inches.

Alas, that was not to be.  The left fielder caught the ball sending the game to extra innings. A first for one of my teams in a long, long time.

The Angels have a potent offence. They scored a total of 8 runs in the 8th to go up 14-6. They scored 4 of those runs on squeeze plays. We were low on experienced pitchers unfortunately – they guys that came in stepped up to the plate, or the mound I guess and did their best but it wasn’t meant to be.

We got shut out in the bottom of the 8th to end up losing 14-8. Still, a lot of positives in the game. We turned a few double plays.  We hit pretty well, along side of striking out a total of 11 times (4 called third strikes) so there is still a lot to work on.

So, up until the end of the 7th, one of the best games I have ever been involved with, really.  I am sure there are others, but this one being fresh, stands out.  I am sure I will forget it by the end of the season.

We hit the diamond again on Saturday for a double-header.  Weather is supposed to be gorgeous, temps in the upper 20’s, low 30’s, no humidity. A rained out game has been rescheduled for Sunday.  Too little notice though so I think we won’t be able to field a team. Waiting to hear back now.

The season is winding down. Unless we win out the remaining games this season, we will finish in 5th place which means we need to play a one game elimination game to determine who will go to the playoffs.  Right now, that game is against the Dodgers.  It could change and could be the Giants, or, if we win out and finish 3rd, the Dodgers and Giants would battle for the 4th playoff spot.  Regardless, we are in a tough spot. We do have a very young team though, so, this was expected to be more of a development year. They will be a much better team next season.

I am off work today. I have an orientation at GoodLife Fitness today at 11:30, lunch with a co-worker after that and the home opener for the Calgary Stampeders tonight. Going to be a good day and a good weekend. Enjoy yours.

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