What’s been going on?

I haven’t posted in a few days, it has been fairly busy.

Sunday baseball, Father’s Day, was rained out.  The day itself was OK but we had way too much rain Saturday evening and overnight.  Another game to reschedule.

We had a good practice on Monday.  Great turnout as well, 13 players out. This team is a different creature than what I coached last year. We have most guys out to most practices which is nice. We can see improvement for sure.

Tuesday saw us play the Giants. We were previously winless against the Giants. We started out rough…  Our starting pitcher had trouble finding the strike zone. He walked a number of batters and we ended up giving up 3 runs. We bounced back though, nice to see the boys not give up.  He started the second with my lefty ready to go. He walked the leadoff batter on 4 straight balls so his day on the hill was over. We used 4 pitchers in total and battled all game. In the 7th, with a 5 run lead, the Giants continued to chip away. With some great defensive plays and timely offence from just about everyone, we held on for a 14-12 victory.

Wednesday was an off-day, nice having one of those. I didn’t do too much last night. Went to Dairy Queen with a friend. I bought Blondie a kiddie cone. Previously, she always had to share with Zeus. This was the first time she ever had one to herself. I have no idea how she could eat ice cream at that speed without getting brain freeze.

Today sees us playing the Angels in a make-up game that was rained out in May, re-scheduled originally for July then re-scheduled again for tonight. We’ve split games thus far, hopefully tonight will go to us.

I am also going in for a stress test today. I started with a new doctor and because of family history and what not, he wanted me to do all the regular tests. I need to lose weight, don’t we all? He wants me to drop 60 pounds in somewhere between a year and eighteen months. I start at GoodLife Fitness on July 1. I got my membership through work at a great price and there is a GoodLife pretty close to my place. As I get my legs back to shape, I plan on riding my bike there. I also want to get back into racquet ball. There is a City of Calgary facility not too far with racquet ball courts and they are only $6 per hour for the court so not too bad at all.

I am off tomorrow. Orientation at GoodLife in the morning and the Stampeders home opener in the evening. I bought season tickets this year, I am really looking forward to it. I was invited to the “New Season Ticket Holders Pre-Game Tailgate Party” and accepted – free food and drinks is ALWAYS a good thing. Hopefully the Stamps can return to the Grey Cup and take it home again.

The weekend sees, you guessed it, more baseball. A double header on Saturday with a team BBQ between games. We are playing the team from Edmonton and have invited them to join us. Should be a good time.

Anyway, enjoy what’s left of the week and, by the way, happy summer.

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