Baseball and football – a good combo

Yesterday, my AA Rockies played the visiting team from Edmonton. They are trying to decide if the Babe Ruth league is ideal for them. They play a total of 8 games spread over a few weekends.  That was our first meeting.

It was a good game.  They scored 3 or 4 runs in the first inning, bunted the ball very well – they got their first 3 base runners on via bunt.  In our defence, we have not really practiced bunt defence since we do not typically see bunts in our league.  I am not sure why – I have always liked “small ball”.

We played well defensively, with the exception of not defending against the bunt. We pitched well too.  Offence was lacking.  We only scored one run and I believe it was in the top of the 7th.  We didn’t get shut out at least.

We face them again next weekend.  They are the back end of a double header. We also have invited them to a BBQ for before our game.  Hopefully the players will interact a bit, parents as well.  Can’t hurt.

Today is Father’s Day.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  We were supposed to play an evening game which is rare for a Sunday night. We had rain last night and early this morning, enough to cancel all games today.  I am sure that the fields would have been playable, had the city workers actually worked the field.  Knowing them, being city employees, they didn’t put much, if any, effort into getting the park ready.  Who knows…

So, that game will need to be rescheduled.

We are getting toward the end of the season, only a handful of games remain. All AA teams make the playoffs. The fifth and fourth place teams play a one game play off to determine who makes the playoff round and who doesn’t.  Currently, we sit in 5th. If we win a few more games and have some help (i.e. higher ranked teams losing), we might finish as high as 3rd which would make it so we are in the playoffs and not have to play the one game “winner take all” game on July 10.  I’d love to be in that position. If we play like we did the previous two games, we can do it. I hope so.

This is a busy week with games, 4 in total and a practice as well. It’ll zip on by, I am sure.

This is also the week of the home opener for the Calgary Stampeders and the first year I have ever had season tickets to anything.  I am looking forward to that too.

Have a good week !!!

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