That’s the way we play…

Last night my AA Rockies team played the first place AA Angels. We have beaten them once, it was a come from behind thriller. I wasn’t really expecting a lot, we have tended to play a great game (like we did in Sunday in our last victory) and then we play a couple of stinkers. Well, that was the way it used to be.

Last night, we were firing on all cylinders. We were visiting and we scored a pair of runs in the top of the first. In the bottom half, we committed a couple of errors and the Angels tied it up. We didn’t, however, allow those errors to snowball into a larger issue. We kept plugging away, offence was great and the defence kept our opponents at bay.

Our starting pitcher went 4 innings and threw only 76 pitches, that was a season high pitch count and a season high for innings pitched. The reliever struggled a bit more, the strike zone was low and he was throwing a bit high but he did the job over 2 innings and we picked up the win.

After the game, the players, parents and coaches met and had a quick team meeting to discuss some ongoing issues and nip them in the bud. 

We face the new team from Edmonton late this afternoon and the Dodgers (I think) in the night cap tomorrow. I’m hoping for a couple of wins, especially tomorrow in honour of the Dads.  

If we continue to play like we are, it will be a good end of the season. Enjoy your weekend.

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