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We had a good baseball practice Monday.  Good attendance as well, which is always nice. Last year, we had major issues with players showing up. That isn’t an issue this year. We were missing 4 guys but they were all accounted for, school or work items. One of the technical directors was there to assist, we covered a lot.

Last night, we had an indoor workout, back at the Coyote Den. We had players throw in the bullpen and worked with catchers.

I was not there last night, a rare miss for me.  I had my first political meeting with the Calgary Centre Conservative EDA.  I am the secretary, a position that I find pretty easy to do. We were supposed to meet in a community centre but the person who was apparently supposed to book the hall didn’t, or the people who were supposed to open it didn’t do we were stuck outside. An outside meeting in the middle of June normally wouldn’t be so bad but it looked like rain. Someone suggested a new restaurant/bar very near to where we were.  Since it was new, they said it wouldn’t be busy.  It was packed. There was an empty coffee shop just down the street so we met there.  After I purchased a $5 vanilla latte, I took minutes. Good thing we were inside, it poured for 15 minutes and then, in typical Calgary fashion, was bright and sunny again. It was a good meeting, not a long one either which was nice.  Lots to do with an upcoming election.

Today is an off day from baseball. I am helping one of the Partners at work with his home computer, he got a new one and wants to move stuff from the old to the new. No problem.

The weather doesn’t look good for the next few days so the games scheduled may or may not go on. June is our rainy month, for sure. It is coming onto the third anniversary of the flood of 2012.  I am sure that will bring back some bad memories for many people.

July and the rest of the year will be dry, I am sure. We will get some games in. Have a good one.

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