Rockies Win, Rockies Win, ROCKIES WIN !!!

Yesterday, my AA Rockies played the Dodgers.  We had not beaten them as yet, I don’t think we have even come close to beating them actually.

My starter did a fantastic job.  It was a pitchers duel to start the game. He threw only 27 pitches over 3 innings of play. We finally broke through and scored a pair of runs in the 4th inning, my starter lasted 4 2/3 innings and then the reliever finished the game.  The final score was 7-4, we gave up 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th.

A great game to be sure. Pitching was excellent.  Good control, great pitch selection. The offence was good. We took advantage of the mistakes on defence and scored where we really needed to. The defence in the game, combined with what was likely our best pitching effort of the season is what won the ball game for us. We didn’t make errors, we stuck with it and pulled through, with flying colours.

It was a great team effort, for sure. I told them after the game that this is what we, as coached, know they can do every time.  They just have to go out and do it.  Sometimes, that is easier said than done, but perhaps they are starting to get it.

This week sees a lot of practices. Tonight, I added a practice to the schedule. Tomorrow, both teams are inside at the Coyote Den.  Wednesday, the AA’s take a day off and then have a batting session Thursday.  We see action again Friday and the weekend including our first outing against the new team from Edmonton.  Hopefully we fire on all cylinders.

The AAA team is still struggling. They took another bad loss on Sunday.  Hitting and errors seem to be their issues at the moment.  The AAA Manager gave his team pretty much the same speech that I have given my guys after their second game on Saturday. It seems that the coaches are on the same page at least.  We just need to get all of the players on that page and I think we will be good to go.

It is an off day for me, work wise anyway. Blondie is going to the groomers, I am re-arranging my home office and going for lunch. Should be a good day all around.  Hope you enjoy yours and the week.  🙂

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