3 tough games…

As I have written, yesterday saw the Rockies two teams (AA, AAA) playing three games in total. We started off the day with the AA’s taking on the league leading Angels.  I had one of the AAA players come to get some pitching work.  It didn’t quite work like we had hoped, he got rocked by a team that can hit the ball.  In the 1/3 of an inning that he pitched, 7 runs crossed the plate.  In hindsight, perhaps I would have been better off getting him down to pitch against a team that doesn’t quite hit so well.  We ended up losing by a score of 14-0. The Angels pitcher threw bullets and one hit us.

The AAA team then played a double header. In the first game, they faced the AAA Angels who are not quite the same team that their AA team is but it was the same result for us – a 14-0 loss.  In the back end of the double-header, we had a great game going until the 7th inning. The Rockies hit their first home run of the season. The game ended on the losing end, 10-3.  Both teams are in need of a reboot.

Today, the AA’s face the Dodgers, so do the AAA’s.  I can’t be at both games as I have not yet figured out how to be in two places at once – both teams start at 1PM.

This week is a bit of a quieter week for both teams, game wise anyway. We have practices both Monday and Tuesday with games mid-week and the weekend of course.

I spoke with the AA’s before and after the game on Saturday.  I told them that they need to make a decision on how the season continues.  No one chose my option of “just going through the motions” – that is a good thing.  After the AAA double header, the Manager pretty well gave the same speech that I did. At least the staff seem to be on the same page. We are both at a loss as to what to do with our teams.

Today is another day.  We will play some ball, there will be a winner and a loser. The players will decide which side of that fence we are on.

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