Full weekend of baseball…

The next few days are busy with baseball.  We are supposed to have a batting cage tonight but, by the looks of it, the weather is not going to cooperate. We are supposed to have rain and thunder showers this afternoon and evening.  It is currently fairly dark and gloomy. We will see.

Tomorrow, there are three games. AA’s play at 10am and then the AAA’s have a double-header, 1pm and 4pm. I will be there for the first two, I am not sticking for the third as I have evening plans and don’t want to be out all day.  One of the AAA players will be down to pitch and get some at-bats with the AA team.  He’s been struggling so hopefully this will help him.

Sunday sees both teams in action, both at 1pm. I will be with the AA’s and will have to skip the AAA game. Managing comes before coaching I guess.

Both teams practice on Monday evening and have a combined practice on Tuesday. It will be a busy few days.

In speaking (or emailing, actually) with the other AA coaches, I am going to change the strategy for the AA team. The starting pitcher will be scheduled for 2 innings, or so. All of the relievers will throw one inning each. So, if we play 7 inning games, we should see 6 or so pitchers each game. If they throw around 20-25 pitches, it shouldn’t be an issue doing that on a nearly daily basis.  This will help build some arm strength, I am hoping. We will see.  Our defence still needs to step it up and I think our hitting will come around.

Either tonight or tomorrow AM, I am going to have a chat with the players and ask them to make a choice. We either need to give a constant effort, regardless of score and come to practices and batting sessions, or we decide that is not the way we want to go and we just want to come out and have fun.  I am hoping they choose to compete.

It will be an interesting and hopefully season changing weekend.

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