A good practice, hopefully turns into a good game

Last night we had a great turnout for practice for the AA Rockies. I had two players email me (or maybe they texted) and said they could not come because of school related stuff. It is interesting that it seems that school events only occur on nights that we practice. There don’t tend to be a lot of events on game nights.  Odd, eh?

Anyway, we had 13 players out last night. We were supposed to be at the Coyote Den for batting practice but instead, we used a school diamond beside our main park. The diamond was not in particularly good shape but it gave us an area to hit, field, etc. We broke down into groups to work on various core elements. We finished up with some live hitting and ended with the “golden glove” competition where ground balls are hit to each player standing along the infield/outfield line and they have to pick up the ball clean (no bobbles) and throw it to the catcher without drawing him off of the plate. As we go through a few rounds, we make the throwing requirements more stringent, top of head to knees to start and we make it smaller as we go on.

It ended with one of my outfielders winning the infield competition against the last practices winner.  No prize today though.

We play tonight against the league leading Angels. We play them again on the weekend. Interesting schedule.

Wish us some luck – we need a bit of that as well.

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