A busy week…

I started working an earlier shift yesterday, 5:30am – 2:00pm (Mountain Time).  I am working that same shift today.  Not bad, I don’t mind as I am up early anyway. We currently do not have anyone working out in Nova Scotia to cover the early shift.  Mind you, when I start at 5:30, it is already 8:30 out there.  Oh well, I am sure they can survive for an hour or so to get support.  We aren’t in the middle of busy season.

I like getting off at 2pm.  I had a great nap yesterday after finishing.  I will have to ensure I don’t get into the habit of napping though.  I do love to nap, weekends typically but don’t want it to become a 7 day a week event.  I’m not retired after all.

We have a baseball practice tonight.  We were supposed to be in the batting cages at the Coyote Den tonight but I felt that an outdoor practice would suit us better.  We don’t have any booked field time, so, we are going to a school diamond.  No permits are issued, so it is on a first come, first served basis.  Hopefully no one else will be there.  The team is starting to come together, I think. We will see this week.

The Political scene ramps up for me this week.  I am on the Executive for the Calgary Centre Conservative Association.  We have an Executive meeting on Thursday and a Board meeting next week.  I am the Secretary which is a position I am used to.  The election will happen in October of this year and I am sure it will be a fight.  I am hoping that the Provincial NDP in Alberta screw something up to give the advantage back to the Conservatives, I am sure they will…  The Federal Liberals dig a deeper hole every time that idiot Trudeau speaks and Angry Tom, well, he’s just angry…

Lots of baseball this coming weekend.  The week will zip on by.  It is a long weekend for me as I am off on Monday.

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