A weekend of baseball

I woke up insanely early yesterday, a little earlier than today.  I was up shortly after 3am both yesterday and today. By 8am, I had already accomplished more than I normally do in a typical day.

Blondie and I had visited the dog park and she had retrieved a number of thrown balls. We stopped by Cobs Bakery.  Their butter tarts are out of this world. The raisin / current bread was pretty damn good as well.

By 9am or so, I was ready for a nap and it didn’t take much convincing to have Blondie join me. We slept until just after noon, a good thing, otherwise I would have been dead for my afternoon.

I umpired my first game in the Deerfoot Men’s League.  It is pretty good baseball but the players tend to whine a lot.  There were also a number of drunk fans in the stands making the day interesting.  I took a pitch off the collar bone, hurt like hell, still does.

I got to the ball park for my game, coaching the AA Rockies a few minutes late.  Players were already in the batting cage and the couple of volunteer dads were already getting them ready for our game.  Out of 7 coaches between two teams, I was the only coach available.  Three coaches on holidays, 3 coaches working.  Oh well.

We did not play particularly well. Pitching was OK, not great, just OK.  We had almost no offence, only collected a few hits. Defence wasn’t bad. I tell ya, if we ever fire on ALL cylinders, we will be a solid team. We aren’t getting hammered like we did for a few games, the final was 9-3.

We play again today, 4pm start.  We are having a full practice prior to the game. Going to do some live BP and some situational plays. Hopefully we can put it together and collect the third win of the season.

Tomorrow is the first Monday that I will be starting extra early at work. I am in at 5:30am and done at 2pm.  Should not be an issue, considering how early I am waking.  In the winter, it would be tough to be up that early.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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