A perfect day in IT?

I had to go to Red Deer yesterday for work.  I left Calgary a bit late but no worries.

The Xerox guy was already at the office when I arrived – OK, that’s good.  They don’t tend to always be on time.  He didn’t ask me any questions.  That’s good as well, they can sometimes be pains.  This guy seemed to know what he was doing.

Everything in Red Deer went exactly as was planned.  This rarely, if ever, happens when one is referring to IT issues.  I was almost shocked.

We are doing a printer project across the firm and it is Red Deer’s time.  I had a number of things on the plate and was able to cross off EACH one.  Wow.

Anyway, I left on time – that also never happens and had an uneventful return to Calgary.

Last night, I drove across town to look at a patio table and 4 chairs.  I negotiated $40 and will pick up when my buddy returns to Calgary (with his truck).  I then met another friend at Peter’s Drive In, a Calgary landmark.  The line-ups are as legendary as the food and ice cream products.  I don’t like lines, but, I didn’t wait in line.  I sat with Blondie.  Blondie doesn’t like lines either.  I gave my friend $20 with the intention that I would pay for whatever she wanted in return for her standing in line.  I didn’t come out and say this, it was implied, to my anyway.

When she returned, 30 minutes later, she handed me $15.05 in change.  She paid for hers, I paid for mine.  What a deal.  I got my strawberry milkshake and was able to sit in the shade with my dog, chatting leisurely with a buddy from Ontario.

I hit bed early.  It was still light out early.  Like 9pm.  Not bad, I needed some sleep.  I woke at 3am which is early but I have already gotten a lot done today including an hour of work – had to catch up a bit.

Today sees me at two baseball diamonds.  3pm for umpiring and then 5:30pm for coaching.  Temperatures are supposed to be in the mid to upper 20’s.  Not a bad start to the weekend, if I do say.

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