Let’s go bowling…

I think I have previously mentioned tonight’s baseball outing.

We are going bowling and for food.  Well, that’s combined into one outing since the alley has food.  All healthy choices, I am sure.  The reviews are pretty good actually.

The team doesn’t seem to be gelling the way that I would expect and hope that they would. Individually, they are great players and we do not regret any of the draft picks.  When you put them into a group, or as some people call it, a team, they fall apart.  Not immediately though, we normally play at least 2 good innings.  Unfortunately, we play 7 inning games, or at least we do when we aren’t getting hammered by our opponent.

So, we decided that a team outing was in order to try to get the guys to get to know each other on a different level and outside of the baseball environment.

We gave the guys some chances to suggest outing ideas.  They suggested a trampoline place of some sort.  Rejected – we didn’t want broken arms, legs and/or necks.  Paintball was suggested.  Not a bad idea, but, I’ve played paint ball with teen-aged boys and it gets violent.  I think the soldier in all of us comes out and a no mercy attitude develops.  Now, that might be good on the diamond, but in an enclosed area with team mates, I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Go-carts were suggested.  That would be fine, but we are trying to make it as low budget as we can.  Go-carting would have blown the budget up.

I found a great low/high ropes course but it was out of town.  Not good for a Thursday evening.

Mini-putt was suggested and rejected.

So, bowling it is.  I was told that Chinook Bowling was good so I booked.  It is $38 per hour per lane (for 6 people per lane) and they threw in a free shoe rental.  We will likely play for about 2 hours.  We will have some, hopefully, good food and we will get to know each other on a different level.

At the very least, we will have a good time.  No one should get hurt.  No one will go broke.  It isn’t going to hurt team moral, I don’t think it can.  It can only help.

Wish us luck.  And fun.

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