A little pin prick, then go pee in this cup…

I found myself a new doctor a few weeks back.  More accurately, some Alberta Health Services service found me a new doctor, quite close to my “new” place.  I did get a doctor, right after I moved a year and a half ago.  Unfortunately, he was way over in the east end of Calgary, very close to where I used to live.  I could have kept going there except I didn’t really care for the 30 minute drive across town.

So, I went to my new doctor and he wanted to be get blood work down, an EKG and a urine test.  It was scheduled for 7am this morning.

As I pulled into the parking lot at 6:45am, I discovered that I forgot to bring the paper with all of the required tests on it with me.  D’Oh.  All the way home (not that far, 5km maybe) and all the way back.  It was 7:02am when I returned and I feared that they would make me wait forever or reschedule my appointment.

Nope – I signed in and waited about 3 minutes before they called my name.  Took my paper, entered my ID and told me to sit.  The waiting room was quite full so I figured I would be waiting for a bit.  Again, nope.  Less than 5 minutes later I was lead into the back.  A quick prick with the needle, two vials of blood were out of me.

The EKG was quick.  I think he enjoyed ripping the leads off of me – wish I didn’t have hair on my chest.  I then peed in a cup, sealed it and off I went.  Home in time to start work only 1:45 late.

Next, in a couple of weeks comes a stress test.  With my family history and me getting old, he wants to see how I am doing.  Fine with me.  It is scheduled for 4 hours.  Wow.  I certainly hope that they don’t want me running on a treadmill for those 4 hours, otherwise I will end up in the basement of the nearest hospital.

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  1. tanyaolugboyega says:

    I love this! I thought it was super interesting and well thought out! I am just starting out on wordpress, and I keep a colloquial blog with ranging themes. I would love if you could take the time to read it! Again, Bravo!

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