Very quick game…

Today, my AAA Rockies played the AAA Giants.  It was an early start, 10am at Optimist so we were there shortly after 8am.

The game started a few minutes late, we were waiting on the umpires for some reason.

My lead-off batter bunted for a base hit. He then stole second.

My second batter stepped out of the box before time was given (time was never given), the pitcher stopped his delivery.  No balk was called.

I asked why was that not a balk.  The umpire didn’t tell me, he simply said something along the lines of “don’t start with me this morning”.  I asked again, why wasn’t that a balk?  Time wasn’t called, the pitcher stopped his delivery.  I was then told to return to the dugout.

I asked again and again, was told to return to the dugout.

I refused as I wanted to know why a balk wasn’t called.  I was ejected.

I then approached the plate and the plate umpire started walking towards first base.  I followed.  When we got about 3/4 of the way to first, I asked him “how far are you walking – are you going to the 315′ sign (in the right field corner).

He circled around my first base coach who had a smirk on his face.  We headed back towards the plate.  At this point, the field umpire appeared and told me to leave the diamond.  I had full intention of leaving, I just wanted an explanation – never got one.

I presume and people that I spoke with concur, I was ejected because the umpire realized he was wrong but didn’t want to admit it.  So, as opposed to admitting a mistake, he tossed me from the game.

Under league rules, I do not serve a suspension, other than the game I missed today.

I am still wondering why a balk wasn’t called, not that it would have mattered in the grand scheme of things, we ended up losing 13-0.  I still want that extra base, we could have scored that run.

Until next time.  BALK !!!

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