The Baseball Saga Continues…

I have a AA game tonight.  It is against the Indians, again.  We have three games in a row against them.  At our last meeting, we were destroyed, there really isn’t another word for it.  The final, as I know I have written, was 28-8.

In speaking with the other coaches and reflecting upon the season, we’ve come to realize that part if not most of the issues are with our pitchers.  We seem to be good for about 2 innings and then the pitchers lose control.  This causes “bad” hits and then the team seems to lose confidence, almost immediately.

So, tonight, the Pitching Technical Director for Babe Ruth is coming out to take a look at the pitchers live.  I plan on pitching 7 guys so that he will be able to look at most of the staff, take notes and then will be able to advise on areas where improvement is needed and what work can be done.

Moving forward, I am going to only schedule my starter for 2 innings, regardless of pitch count.  If he is at 20-30 after 2, he may be able to continue into the 3rd inning, BUT, that has not worked up to this point.  For some reason, my pitchers arm strength doesn’t seem to be improving this year like it should.  By this point last year, I had players pitching well into the 5th inning without any issues.

If I need to adjust my pitching rotation, so be it.  Something needs to change so I will start there.

One of my coaches, SS, suggested a non baseball related event for the boys to try to build up some level of familiarity with the players, other than just playing together.  I am going to see what they want to do.  I am having a quick discussion with the parents before the game to go over the season thus far and pretty much tell them what I’ve written here.  I am sure that none of them will object to spending $50 for a team event – players only (and coaches), no parents, no siblings.  I am thinking laser tag or mini-putt or bowling and then food.  Something along those lines.  Something fun and then food – teen boys like food, don’t we all?

Hopefully we can get the team back on track.  Wish us some luck (again).

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