Well, that didn’t work…

We had a great practice on Monday evening.  Did a lot of infield and outfield work, catcher work as well.  The boys were working hard and doing a good job.

So I was optimistic for last evenings game.  We had a great pre-game.  Infield was solid, outfield was solid.

We had two good innings.  It was 40 pitches over two innings which is a bit high but the score after 2 was 3-0 which isn’t that bad.  The third inning saw the wheels fall off.  We gave up 9 runs in pretty quick succession. By the time I got a reliever ready to go, it was pretty much too late.

I tend to learn from mistakes. Perhaps, even though it is 1/3 into the season, arm strength isn’t there and the starting pitcher can only go two innings.  I don’t know but that is the way it seems.  So, for Thursday and beyond, until the pitchers get with it (arm strength wise), they get pulled at around 40 or so – 50 tops maybe?  Seems to be a low pitch count, VERY low but if that is what needs to be done, so be it.  We have a lot of potential pitchers.  Actually, the last pitcher in last nights game threw very well.  Mind you, we were down 19-0 at the time.  Our opponent might have been giving us mercy outs…

I have never had a team quite like this, never.  Individually, I think we have a good group of ball players.  Put them all on the field together and it becomes quite the show.  I have my work cut out for me.  Wish me some luck, wish US some luck, would ya?


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