Start of the ball season (round 2)

Had a very good baseball practice last night.  Most of the team was out, which was a good thing.  I had two players missing because they were at the final try-out for the travel team.  I could have been a mean guy and made them come to the practice as team events come first but I wouldn’t want to risk them not making the team and at least they were doing baseball.  One other player was away for school flag football, not overly happy that he missed because of that.  The last missing player was sick.

We worked on infielding, outfielding, catchers throwing to first base and second base, double plays…  All things that they boys know how to do, yet, in games, have not been able to do with any regularity.

Last night they were confident with their fielding skills.  We will see how it plays out tonight at our game.  We are starting over.  We have forgotten the last month and a bit of baseball – there wasn’t too much worth remembering really…

I received a call from a new doctor yesterday.  There is a service in Alberta that will find a new doctor for you.  I had a doctor but they were across town, very near where I used to live.  This doctor is close to where I am now.  It is a meet and greet.  I am sure he will want me to do blood tests or something, they always seem to want me to do that.  In general, I think I am in pretty good health.

I do plan on starting to work out in the near future.  When?  Not exactly sure.  The office has a great gym in it and it is free.  I am thinking I will start working out either after baseball at night or early in the morning – like right now.  I’d work out today, except I am writing this blog entry.  🙂

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