And, it got worse…

I am sort of at a loss.

My AA team last night took a huge step back.  I can’t really describe it in any other way.

We started out well.  We battled in the first inning and gave up on one run.  In the bottom of the first, we scored two, not a bad start by any means.

In the second, the Indians scored 8 runs to take a 9-2 lead.  That can be tough to come back from.

Pitching was an issue.  Infield defense was an issue.  Outfield defense was an issue.  Catching was an issue.

The onslaught continued.  I changed pitchers.  I changed the catcher.  It didn’t seem to matter.

In the bottom of the 5th, we were down a 28-8.  Yes, that’s correct.  28-8.  In case you are wondering, I coach baseball, NOT football.  If it were football, that would still be a blowout but a positive thing would be that perhaps we scored a 2 point convert.

There were no positives last night.  None that I could think of last evening and none that I can think of this morning while writing this blog.

I didn’t really say much at our post game team meeting.  What was I supposed to say?  Should I have yelled at them?  What good would that do?  Each and every one of them knew what the score was…

I really don’t know where we go from here, I really don’t.  In 20+ years of coaching, I have never had a group that played this badly.

We have the weekend off.  That is a good thing.  There are practice sessions that the league is running on both Saturday and Sunday.  I hope that the players will attend.  They need the help.

Our next practice session is Monday.  We need practice.  The league HAS to change things so that we get more outdoor practice sessions.  I am not sure how we do this but it has to be done.  Indoor sessions are fine but when you are practicing on turf, you get true bounces.  On a grass infield, you get crappy bounces.  You can’t practice fly balls in the outfield inside.  We apparently need outfield practice and lots of it.

Two of my AAA players have offered to assist at my practice on Monday work work with the outfielders.  Hopefully they can give them some pointers that I have not been able to give them.

I suppose that there is only one place to go from here, up.  Of course, I said that a few weeks ago and it didn’t happen then.

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