A step forward, a couple back

My AA club played last night against the Dodgers.  Great night for baseball, temperature was in the low 20’s and stayed there for most of the game.

We played a great 4 innings.  Unfortunately, we play 7 inning ball games.

Mu starting pitcher did a very nice job, defense was solid behind him.  He left with a 5-4 lead.  My reliever threw well but the guys behind him didn’t quite get the job done.  In 18 pitches that we thrown in the 4th inning, they scored 7 runs.  Only one of those 7 were earned.  Not good.

Over 7 innings offensively, we struck out 7 times.  Six of those times were looking at strike 3.  The boys would claim that the strike zone was off.  Well, yes, it was, but the strike zone didn’t changed in the game, it was consistently low.  If he rings up a guy in the first inning on a low strike and does it again in the second inning, what excuse does the guy that it happens to in the third inning have?  Not much, I would say.  Players need to learn to adjust…

So, we are now 1-6 on the season.  Not a good start.  We play again tonight, hopefully we will improve upon last nights game.  If we can play a full 7 innings like we did the first 4, it won’t be an issue.

We have the weekend off as some of the guys are away for the travel team.  We finally have a team practice on Monday, outside.  We need more practice time.  The league has to find time for teams somewhere.  Indoor workouts are great but outdoor practice is needed.  Hopefully, if I sit on the Board next year as I plan to, I can push the league in that direction.  We will see.

Anyway, wish us some luck for tonight, we need some.  Go ROCS !!!

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