Starting to get there

Last evening, my AA team had batting practice in one end of town and then when that ended, the AAA team played in the other end of town.

So, I started the night at batting practice.  I didn’t have to throw any pitches which was nice.  I spent the hour talking to players, watching two pitchers work in the bullpen and spent 5 minutes talking to players about stats.

I left the Coyote Den at 7:05 or so and headed west to Optimist Park.  I arrived in the top of 2 with the Rockies (my team) up 2-0 against the undefeated Giants.  We had our Ace on the mound, a hard throwing right-hander.

It was a quick game with our pitcher making it look easy and we held a strong hitting Giants team to only 1 run in a 11-1, 6 inning victory.  In the handshake line after the game, the Manager of the Giants did not look happy, not at all.  He is normally a pretty easy going type of guy, not on this evening.  I get like that at times as well, when my guys don’t do what we expect of them.

So, chalk up another victory for a 4-3 record on the season, second place behind the previously undefeated Giants.

The AA’s play tonight and again tomorrow and then have the weekend off.  A few of the AA players play for the travel club and they are headed to Montana for the weekend – best of luck.

Blondie spent the evening by herself.  I decided when I left not to put her in her crate.  She has been out of it for about 3 weeks and has been good, no chewing or other damage.  Last night would have been the first time in her life that she has been left alone, no people and no Zeus.  I am sure that the transition has to be hard for her.  She is doing better though, she is now eating which is good and eating without me putting anything tempting on it.  She is still holding her tail down but I am sure that will come back up and she’ll be her own, happy, goofy girl in no time.  I am giving her a lot of extra attention and making sure she knows that she is loved.

Well, it is still early, just after 5am but the dark of the night is now being replaced by the early morning light.  Time for a walk and get the day going.

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