Back to the routine

Back to work today.  It will be good getting back into a regular routine.  I just got in from walking Blondie, not a long walk but about a kilometer or so.  I can tell she is still not back to normal.  She is holding her tail down, it is normally high and bouncy.  I am sure it will take a little bit of time before all is well in her world, mine too.  She also isn’t eating which is a little concerning but I am sure she will today – she didn’t eat at all yesterday.  If not, I will add some tuna to her food, that’ll get her to eat.

It is a short work week for me.  Today, tomorrow and Thursday is all I have to do.  I was originally supposed to be off this week but since I took a week off at the end of April, I figured I would work now.  No need for an extra week off.  I am off on Friday though, so that will be good.

Back to baseball tonight after a weekend (and more) of rain and bad field conditions.  We have a number of make-up games to get in.  I also have my first umpiring assignment this Friday.  It is Big League which will likely be pretty bad ball, but that’s ok.  Not everyone is cut out to play competitive baseball.

No AA games this coming weekend as one of the travel teams is away and I will be missing a number of players.  I will be busy with AAA games though, so it will keep me out of trouble.

Well, since it is well past 6:30, I should get to work.  Hoping for a good week for you and me.

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  1. Tony Burgess says:

    Have a great day my friend!

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