Life goes on…

Saturday and Sunday were sort of tough days. I posted my tribute to Zeus on Facebook and a lot of people said how sorry they were for my loss. Zeus wasn’t just a dog, he was my first dog and he was also the first male dog that the D’Arcy clan has ever had.

I posted a bunch of pictures as well, right from the time that I adopted Zeus up until his last day. I enjoyed the memories they brought back, of the good times.

I found a video of Zeus and Blondie from October, 2013 that was taken when they stayed at their pet resort when I went to Ontario for work. It is a great video, they are having a blast playing outside. Zeus looked like the young, vibrant dog that I will remember.

I’m still having a bit of a hard time when I remember my little buddy. I guess when you’ve lived every day together for nearly 9 years, that happens. Tears still come far too easily when I think about him. I’ll get over his loss, not sure how long it’ll take but I know his pain is gone, and that’s the most important thing.

Blondie seems to be doing ok as well. I’ve kept her very busy. We went to the dog park yesterday and spent nearly 3 hours there. She swam in the river for the first time this year and had a great time. We went to a different dog park today and she had a shorter swim this time. We were both kind of tried so we finished the afternoon with a nap. She’s still napping.

I plan on using my experience with Zeus to make things with Blondie better for her and likely better for me. No more skipping walks. I want to make sure that she experiences everything she can, everything that I can give to her, it is the least I can do. 

I don’t think I did a bad job with Zeus, but I want to improve upon it with Blondie.

I’m hoping that’s she’s ok without having a dog buddy for the time being. She hasn’t lived a day on this planet without a 4-legged companion. I’m thinking that when I return from my trip to Ontario in September that I’ll look for a friend for Blondie. I am not trying to replace Zeus, that would be impossible. I think both she and I would like another dog running around and there are always dogs needing good homes in the humane societies around the area. Giving one of them a second chance at a good life can only be a good thing.

Back to the normal routine tomorrow. I am glad I work from home. Blondie doesn’t have to be all by herself. Leaving her by herself will be sometime this week, I can’t take her everywhere with me.

Thanks for your thoughts on this experience, it means a lot to me.

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