It was a dark and stormy night…

Well, not really…  It was a day of drizzle which postponed my baseball game last evening. That was ok, I had a relaxing night of watching some tv and hanging with the he dogs. I went to bed at the fairly early hour of 915, it wasn’t even dark yet.

It is Friday, the week has zipped by. Heading out for dinner tonight and then Zeus goes to his vet appointment while Blondie will go for a walk with my friend and her daughter. I’m hoping that the vet doesn’t fidn anything major with Zeus, but something is wrong there for sure.

Weekend weather looks gloomy, Saturday at least. They are calling for all day rain which will likely derail two ball games on Saturday and if there is too much rain, it’ll wipe out the two games on Sunday as well.

It is the long weekend, the May 24. No plans other than baseball, which is fine with me.

I do plan on possibly upgrading my Nexus 5 to the nexus 6, they are on sale right now so it is a good time to purchase. I am happy with the 5 but the 6 is even better. Well, I will see anyway.

So, enjoy your long weekend, hopefully the weather will be better where you are than in Calgary.

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