Getting older…

My dog Zeus is getting older, aren’t we all though?  We don’t actually know how old he is.  The vet is guessing between 13-15.  I have had him since 2006, so it will be nine years in August.

We has really slowed down, a LOT in the last few months.  In mid-Fall last year, he wasn’t able to jump onto the bed and couch any longer.  I bought him a set of stairs to climb onto the bed, now, he’s having trouble even with those steps never mind the stairs leading to the outside.

I have no issue with carrying him out in the morning.  We did go for a walk on Monday morning, the shortest circuit I could, no more than 1km for sure.  It took us nearly 40 minutes.

He is having great trouble getting up, once he’s up, he seems OK.  I have a vet appointment for him tomorrow evening.  Something is going on, I am just not sure what.

I have no problem carrying him up and down the stairs, that isn’t an issue.  I don’t think he’s in any pain, but, I need to know what is going on with him.  He didn’t eat yesterday, other than biscuits.  He is drinking, so at least that is good.

I fear that his time with us is growing short and that thought brings tears to my eye.  He’s been my “little buddy” for a long time.  He’s Blondie’s “little buddy” as well.  She worships the ground he walks on.

When he does go, and I hope it isn’t for some time yet, she will be as devastated as I will.

Get better soon Zeus.  Love ya buddy.  🙂

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