Never give up

Last night, the AAA Rockies played the AAA Indians for our second match-up of the season.  In the previous game, our ace pitched a complete game and won 2-1.  Great game.

Last night, we didn’t pitch our ace but the pitching was solid, defense, not so much.

We were down 13-5 in the bottom of the 7th.  It looked like the Indians were going to slam the door shut on us and take the victory.

We battled back and got to 13-12 when the base umpire, presumably, decided that he wanted to go home and called an out at first that everyone in the stadium, including the Indians, saw as safe.

It goes that way sometimes.  A bad call here and a bad call there can change a game.  He has previously called a good game, although there were no close plays.  That happens, we are all human.  It was close but the foot was on the bag a half second before the ball was in the glove.

Anyway, being down by 8 and nearly coming back for the win is a sign that we never give up.  We’ll get ’em next time.


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