I tried to log into Facebook this morning, as I do most mornings.  I was asked to verify my name as they only want people to use their real names.  I have no issue with that, I verified my real name.

Next, they wanted me to upload documentation to prove I was who I said I was.  Drivers license was one of the things they’d accept.  Yeah, right.

Do they actually think ANYONE on this planet will upload a copy of their ID to a social media site and trust that social media site to keep that information secure?

Here is what I uploaded:

Facebook - Verify Name

I am sort of thinking that they will not accept that.  I had a friend check, my Facebook account appears to have vanished, I am no longer in his friends list.  When I try to log in, I am told that they are verifying my documents.

I know what some of you might be thinking – it wasn’t the real Facebook page…  I am an IT professional and I think I can determine when a site is good or not, plus I have tried from two different computers, my Android phone and my iPad Mini, same on all devices.

So, if Facebook is making this a requirement to log in for all users, I am pretty sure that Facebook is going to lose ALL of their users.  This is insanity…

I am sure I will update throughout the day.

UPDATE – After about 8 hours, I received an email from Facebook apologizing for accidentally disabling my account, it was re-enabled and everything was back to how it should have been. Considering they have a billion+ users! getting back to me in 8 hours is pretty quick turn around. Thanks Facebook.

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