Mothers Day Double Header

My AA Rockies had a double header today, in Mothers Day. 

We needed to be at the park for 10am, an hour before game time which isn’t too bad. The batting cages at Glenmore park aren’t completed as yet so no batting practice prior to the games.

In game one, we faced the Giants. At game time, there were no umpires. Interesting, seeing as we hadn’t heard about a lack of umpiring. Anyway, being an umpire, I volunteered and the opposing manager agreed that I could umpire the game. I decided to put on some catchers equipment since umpiring from behind the mound generally makes the strike zone a bit of a nightmare.  One of the Rockies parents volunteered to do the bases.

It was a well played game with the Giants ending up on the wining end by a final of 7-4. Both the starter and relieving pitching was solid, a few issues with defence that we will need to work on.

Between games we had a bbq potluck. Nothing fancy, hot dogs and fixings, veggies and snacks. Nice break for the middle of the day.  One of my players got himself a sprinkle donut and now we are calling him “sprinkles”… I’m not sure what he thinks of the nickname…

We had umpires for game two. I was glad, didn’t really feel like umpiring twice when I should be managing. 

It was an excellent game with the lead changing many times. The Dodgers ended up winning 8-7 but considering that the last time we played them we were crushed, this was a great improvement. Again, pitching was solid, offence was timely but the D left a little to be desired. We did have some excellent defence as well, we turned a tough double play to end the 6th inning and stop additional runs from scoring so it was not all bad by any means.

We are now 5 games in, I think it is and we are 1-4. That record will improve, I’m sure. The boys are starting to gel, good to see.

This is a very busy week. We have batting practice Tuesday, games Wed/Thu and Sat/Sun so 4 games in 5 days. Will be a good stretch.



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