Back to Ontario?

So, I applied for the posting at work, the job that is based out of our National office in Toronto.  I re-did my resume, that can’t hurt.  It was 3 years out of date and in a format that I really didn’t care for.  SS showed me the format that he used and I adopted it, thanks SS.

I am not sure when they will have interviews for the position.  I am not 100% sure that I will be given an interview, but I am pretty sure.  It would be a little insulting if I am not given one.

I have been thinking of the possibility of returning to Ontario.  It doesn’t really excite me.  A new job and new possibilities does, but not returning to Ontario.  Not sure why, but it seems to me if I do return, somehow, it is a step backwards.  I mean the job would be a step forwards but…

So, if the interview goes well, which I am sure it will, and I am offered the job, I will have a tough decision ahead of me.  The saving grace (if I really don’t want to return) is that I don’t think it is going to pay what I would like it to.  Guess we will see – wish me luck, either way, would ya?

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