I saw a job posted at work yesterday. The job indicated that it was based at our national office but I figured I’d ask if I could do it from Calgary since it didn’t look like there was any good reason for it to be based in Toronto.

No, I was told, it is in Toronto. Ok then.

So, I spoke with my boss about it anyway. I have not really given a lot of thought as to my career path but, if I eventually want to get into management, I would need to work out of our national office.

I don’t know how I fell, at this time, about moving back east. I have now been in Calgary for a little over three years and I truly do love it here. Ontario’s taxes are much higher than Alberta’s, if I was to return, my raise would have to be high enough that my take home pay wouldn’t decrease.

I also have commitments here that I can’t just drop. I am coaching baseball and although that is a volunteer position, I take it seriously. If I was offered the job, they’d have to be willing to wait until at least August before I could return.

If those conditions were met, I’d still really have to think about it and it would be a hard decision. I have no love for Toronto. After living here, I’ve decided that I do like big cities, but Toronto is something else. I am not sure if I’d want to live in Toronto or commute, say from Burlington. For the first while, I might even commute from St. Catharines, until I found the right place.

All,of this, of course, is way up in the air. I have not yet applied (I plan on it tomorrow) and I haven’t been offered it. Those are two steps, the first one easy, the second, yet to be seen.

What is even prompting me to consider this? I am not honestly sure. I feel no home sickness for Ontario, none at all. I do miss family and friends, and some of the things I used to do in Ontario, but Ontario itself, no, not really.

If I am offered the job and the conditions are met, it will be one of the hardest decisions of my life. Wish me some luck.

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