An interesting evening

Well, last night was an interesting one.

First off, my AA Rockies made a nearly epic comeback against the AA Angels and won 14-10.  We were down 7-1 after the second inning, I pulled the started and the reliever was simply amazing.  Great control and excellent defense behind him.  Our offence was potent, hitting single after single and we had excellent base running to put runners in scoring position.  A few passed balls by the Angels catcher helped us score a few more runs.  It was the first win of the season, but the boys really needed it.  They had lost 2 games in the pre-season and were badly beaten in our first two outings.  It will be a great confidence booster for us, I am sure.  The AAA Rockies also played last night and I am told lost by a final score of 15-0.  I haven’t heard any details but that sounds pretty bad.

The Flames came back for a home victory, beating the Ducks 4-3 and getting a crucial win to bring the series to 2-1 in favour of the Ducks.  It is still an uphill battle for sure.  We (as in the Flames) have to still win out at home and win one on the road, something they have not done in an age.

In what I would describe as shocking, the 44 year Conservative dynasty was broken last night by an Orange wave of NDP.  I suppose that Alberta wanted a change, well, you’ve got it now, prepare to bow down to your new Orange Overlords.  In looking at the total votes cast, it was a split of the right (PC’s and Wildrose) that was the Conservative based downfall.  Perhaps the Alberta Conservatives need to regroup and merge back together.  I don’t know.  It will be an interesting four years, I am sure.

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