Opening ceremonies & politics

Yesterday was the Babe Ruth Calgary Opening Ceremonies for the 2015 season.  Fairly straightforward, teams show up, get free BBQ sausages and we line up around the infield and listen to opening remarks.

The President of Babe Ruth is a great guy, sometimes tends to talk for a bit.  I know this since I am also one of those people.  🙂  He was very brief, 30 seconds maybe?  I was surprised.  The League had one of the Calgary Stampeders throw out the first pitch.  Like many first pitches before it, and many more to come, it bounced but the catcher picked it out of the dirt.

Last years championship teams then play a game.  I stayed for part of that, but really, I see enough baseball of my own.  No idea on how that ended.

It is a busy week in baseball, only days off are today and Wednesday, otherwise lots of games and practices.  Two double headers this coming weekend, hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer than last weekend.

On Saturday, the Calgary Centre Conservative Riding Association had their AGM.  I was unable to attend as I had a triple header.  I sent in an email to the President with a quick biography of myself and a Conservative colleague from Ontario was nice enough to write a letter of reference for me.  I was elected to the Board of Directors.  Nice to be involved again.

Well, it is that time of the day already, work.  Gotta go.  Have a good week.

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