From bad to worse…

I thought, perhaps, that my AA home opener might have been one of the low points of the season. Then, we played Saturday. 

It was cold and windy, at times, I am sure the windchill was below zero. The sun was hiding behind thick, gray clouds. 

Pitching was suspect. Lack of control a major issue. My one lefty is going to be good, unfortunately,  he can’t pitch every inning of every game… We don’t have any outfield defence, not that I can see anyway. Infield isn’t too bad, base running is mediocre. All in all, work is needed. On paper, they are an excellent team. On grass, well, some might think they were using grass before the game.

Anyway, two games, two blowouts. This one was a 23-5 beating. That sounds more like a football score than a baseball score. It was, from what I can recall, the low point in my coaching career. I don’t think I’ve ever had a team give up that many runs. This may go without needing to be said, but we gave up those 23 runs in 5 innings.

For the second game of the day, I covered the Managerial duties for the AAA team. I started one of the top pitchers in the league and he cruised through 6 innings before giving up a 3 run homer to right field, it bounced off of the light post and back onto the playing field. A quick chat from one of the coaches settled him and he got the next 6 outs for a complete game 5-3 win.

The second half of the double header saw us facing a great hitting Giants team. They clubbed us for 12 runs while their starter threw a 5 inning no hitter. The final was 12-0. Still, might have been a better game than the AA game from the morning…

So, works has to be done, on both teams. It was known that pitching would be suspect at the AAA level. AA is always an unknown entity anyway.

Today is an off day, Babe Ruth has their opening ceremonies and BBQ sausages which are some of the best you’d ever have. Action on the diamon continues for both teams Tuesday night. 

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