A bit of a stinker…

We had our season opener for the AA Rockies last evening. It was a bit of a stinker.

Pitching was pretty solid. The defence, in general, behind that pitching was not. I ended up using 4 pitchers in a lop-sided 15-4, 5 inning loss, a mercy loss at that. And believe me, by not playing the last two innings, it was a mercy…

The u lire behind the plate appeared to be squeezing the strike zone on us a bit. This was the same umpire that tossed me at the end of the previous season. I’d hate to think that he was still angry at me or something… When several pitches, in a row come in and the catcher is setup on the middle of the plate and doesn’t move his glove and it is a ball, one has to question it. Getting tossed again in a blowout game doesn’t make sense, so I behaved myself. 

We really haven’t practiced on the field as a team as yet. We’ve had a lot of indoor workouts, but it isn’t the same. We aren’t actually scheduled to have a practice until May 7 and it is an indoor practice to boot. So, we play Saturday at 11am and I have asked the boys to be there for 9am for a full 1.5 hour practice session. We have a lot of little things to cover. 

One of the biggest issues last night seemed to be that the guys were being lazy. Outfield balls allowed to drop in front of them. Base runners giving up and slowing down because they think they are going to be called out. 

Anyway, it is only one game and the issues should be easy to correct.  Lots of ball left. Go Rockies !!!

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