The baseball front

I seem to write a lot about baseball.  I don’t have a lot of other hobbies, etc., so I will write what I know about, I guess.

We had our first outdoor workout last evening.  I am still having issues with many of the players not showing up on time.  Actually, I ask them to show up a bit early, 15 minutes before the start time so that they will be ready to go once the “start” time arrives.  Cleats take a minute or two to put on, gloves be found, bats out of the bag, etc.

We typically start with a run.  Well, I don’t run because I don’t care for running, but my players run.  I use the word “we” as in the “team”.  I am part of the team, but it is one of those do as I say not do as I do, which is watch you run and then yell if you stop.  🙂  OK, well, that is part of being the coach.  Actually, I am the manager, but I digress.

So, we start with a run and then throwing to warm up.  Since this was our first outside practice, we wanted the guys to start a little long toss to help strengthen the arms.  It is a slow process, we haven’t been able to throw any further than 80′ or so since we started indoor workouts.  It will take some time.

At the moment, the AA and AAA clubs are still practicing together.  We had 20 guys last evening, I think, it may have been 21.  We divided up, AAA players on the infield and AA guys doing outfield drills.  I was happy with the AA guys and their fielding skills.  Arms are another issue – they will come around.  We then switched it up.

For the last 30 minutes we did a quick pickup game.  We started the count at 1-1 otherwise it would have taken all night.  I wanted each batter to hit so we allowed each side to bat through the order.  Not a lot of offence, that is for sure.  One team did turn a nice double play though so that was positive.

We ended with a talk about the upcoming exhibition games this weekend.  The AA team plays two games and the AAA team plays one.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  It is supposed to be cold on Saturday with a high of only 8C or so, I am hoping that the forecast rain, or drizzle I guess will hold off.  The regular season starts on the 28th for AA and the following weekend for the AAA team.  I am really looking forward to it.

On another front, I received a letter from the Calgary Centre Conservative Riding Association on Monday.  Previously, I had met the President of the Association and indicated that I had moved to this riding and was interested in joining the Board.  After I moved, I called him, twice and also emailed twice and never received a response.  I thought it was pretty bad…  A volunteer organization not getting back to a potential volunteer.

Well, this letter was signed by a different President so I decided to call him. He told me that he had taken over from the previous President and didn’t know I had ever tried to make contact.  OK, great.  So I again have volunteered.  Their AGM is coming up and I plan on attending, if I can and standing for a Board position.

Being involved with politics allows me to make connections with like minded people and help out for a cause I believe in. We will see how it goes.

For now, I am out.  Have a good day. 🙂

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